Picture of the Day for 04-29-2003
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My wife decided to put a tarp over her chicken wired garden and then proceded to get inside and plant tomatoes. Here is proof that she did that.
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kimberly i win most-commented-on picture of the day! May 9th 2003 10:06:11 AM
an Iowan It's the Iowan in her. You'll remember this when you are eating the harvest. Apr 29th 2003 09:12:09 AM
the wife tell them why i did that Apr 29th 2003 09:40:19 AM
Nathan Your wife looks suspiciously like she is planting an alternative remedy for arthritis and covering it up from the Narcotics squad circling overhead in their surveillance helicopters Apr 29th 2003 10:20:14 AM
Ryan I always wondered what BubbleBoy's girlfriend looked like. Apr 29th 2003 04:36:28 PM
the wife i was just trying to keep the crops safe from SARS and weapons o' mass destruction. Apr 29th 2003 04:59:32 PM
Glenn I agree. She's planting drugs. Apr 30th 2003 07:04:22 PM
the wife well, to aaron cabbage is like a drug. Apr 30th 2003 07:32:13 PM
lukeeeeeeeeeeeeee you are so right kim. cabbage = drug for air-on May 1st 2003 12:12:26 AM
Admin That is an incorrect statement. Cabbage just helps me digest. May 1st 2003 03:25:55 AM
Ryan You couldn't tell with the hovering stink clouds you leave in my office. May 1st 2003 09:17:50 AM
JWine Those are gaseous pouches of love. I know because I had a surplus of them growing up and that means he looooooves me. May 1st 2003 05:49:44 PM
Admin Only on www.aaronwine.com can a picture of Kim in a garden result into a conversation about farts. May 2nd 2003 07:17:42 AM