Picture of the Day for 04-30-2003
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We had a front yard BBQ with the neighbors. Clark and Kelly's twins were there. They are about 2 and decided to play "let's jump off the cooler". Here is either Julia or Camille jumping off. I'm patiently waiting for my turn.
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the wife awww...aaron knows how to take turns. Apr 30th 2003 12:58:05 PM
gmil, mh Is this really "patiently waiting", or is it visualization, and otherwise getting ready to COMPETE ? Apr 30th 2003 06:44:33 PM
lukeeeeeeeeeeeeee i saw him push the little two year old off just so he could get his turn... ;) LOL May 1st 2003 12:09:52 AM
JWine How do you get the beer out with that small human on top? May 1st 2003 05:51:13 PM