Picture of the Day for 04-03-2006
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We can never go to Home Depot without thoroughly testing out the tractors. Now only if he could actually mow the yard.
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Peaches One day he will if you play your cards right. It's smart to start training him now. Apr 3rd 2006 06:34:26 AM
Bubby Lani Saturday night with Bubby and Grandpa, Toby tested all the riding toy cars and trucks at Target & Toys R Us. He should be an expert by the time he's 3. Apr 3rd 2006 10:09:00 AM
Admin yesterday morning, when Toby woke up, he had a very concerned look on his face. He asked me where the peacock went. I asked him what peacock. and he said, the peacock that was running outside in the sandbox at school. As I tried to tell him about dreams, we had to search downstairs for peacocks. I think he gets dreams now. Apr 3rd 2006 01:02:38 PM
nsna I know tractors are less interesting than peacocks,but when I was doing tractor time with Toby at HD, he said "I have keys?" amd "cam get keys please?" etc......so I'm just saying Unkie Rob tried driving at age 3. Apr 3rd 2006 07:10:48 PM
kimberly rob didn't bother with keys. Apr 4th 2006 02:47:47 PM
nana (ok, I do have my glasses on this time) The similarities could include paying attention and being able to act quickly Apr 4th 2006 05:42:56 PM