Picture of the Day for 04-04-2007
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Griff Griff and I make some awesome music on the piano. We really get down in to it. Rock the casbah!
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tahoeeddie dude, that's so funny. the griff looks like he couldn't care less, and is wondering why in the world you're so interested :) Apr 4th 2007 08:24:30 AM
Admin Naw, the Griff is strung out like Keith Richards. I'm the Mick Jagger of the family. Apr 4th 2007 08:32:11 AM
Abuelo Please tell me you're not putting cremated remains in his formula Apr 4th 2007 10:19:17 AM
kimberly i think grif was thinking "take some lessons daddy". Apr 4th 2007 11:38:06 AM
amera aw, he looks so bored. well, either bored or coked out. haha, just teasing! Apr 4th 2007 05:54:54 PM
Nana he's thinking, "a couple days ago, they trapped me in a plastic thing, took my blood and stuck me with a needle, next they wanted me to teach Toby to drive, and now this?!" Apr 4th 2007 07:21:37 PM