Picture of the Day for 04-05-2005
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Andy came into town for the wedding. Here is a picture of him trying to steal the limelight.
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Kate in England Clearly your animal magnetism is so powerful, it is drawing his cheek towards you Apr 5th 2005 06:26:09 AM
beth i'm just impressed that aaron went to a wedding with a tie and long sleeve shirt on. Surely Kim is doing something right! Apr 5th 2005 01:33:45 PM
kimberly he cleans up good. and has been helping keep the house clean. dang...i guess that means he's whipped! Apr 5th 2005 01:35:48 PM
Admin I wouldn't call me whipped. I'd call me sexually needy. Apr 5th 2005 03:05:40 PM
Beth glenn took a nap today.....i think it means he is WIPED out....ah lucky you kim.... Apr 5th 2005 05:36:34 PM
kimberly TMI aaron. Apr 6th 2005 05:30:58 AM
Admin Too much indigestion? Apr 6th 2005 06:01:23 AM