Picture of the Day for 04-05-2007
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what's with kids today? I try to teach Toby how write SQL Server queries and efficient databases and all he wants to do is play blue's clues instead. Sheesh!
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Nana Given the same choice, you would choose ....? Apr 5th 2007 05:51:19 AM
Unk J I'd like the lessons. Apr 5th 2007 07:44:53 AM
Roberto Maybe Toby is learning spanish through the headphones while he plays Blues Clues. Apr 5th 2007 07:54:40 AM
amera i'm not sure what you wanted to teach him. i'm clueless with computers. but he looks like he's having fun so leave him be! Apr 5th 2007 12:51:56 PM
Jeremy By the way, has he always been a lefty? Apr 5th 2007 01:20:33 PM
Admin Geez, I didn't even notice the left handed mouse thing. He is right handed on most things I think. I'm teaching him how to throw, hit and kick on both sides, but didn't think about switch-mousing. I want to teach him databases so we can bill him out and then I can finally reap in some money off the kid. Apr 5th 2007 01:46:23 PM