Picture of the Day for 04-07-2005
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Artistic ability must be hereditary. If you get one of this young Picasso's pieces of work, you better hold on to it.
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kimberly but the funny thing is, he will not finger paint. he gets the paint on his hands and starts crying. weird. Apr 7th 2005 06:40:05 AM
Admin It's not a medium that he likes to create in. Now, I'm sure noodle art will be well accepted. Apr 7th 2005 06:45:32 AM
aunty beth ooo..jacob was like that...he didn't like the feeling of paint on his hands...something about the texture. How cute is Toby!!! I can't believe how big he is! Apr 7th 2005 07:46:51 AM
Great Auntie Di Toby paint me a picture please Apr 7th 2005 10:04:27 AM
aunty beth does he eat the crayons yet? has he gotten one stuck up his nose yet? Apr 7th 2005 01:05:20 PM
Abuelo There is a bumper crop of bluebonnets in Texas this year. Are we going to see a traditional child frolicking in the wildflowers POD? Apr 7th 2005 02:13:29 PM
kimberly diane- i will send you a toby original artwork! beth- he tries to eat crayons, but hasn't stuck one up his nose YET. aaron does that. abuelo- are you volunteering to take our family photo for us with your awesome camera this weekend? Apr 7th 2005 04:02:46 PM
kimberly i can't believe no one has made a comment about the giant crayons in the back. glenn must not have been to the POD today. Apr 7th 2005 04:05:15 PM
Bubby Lani He has crayons and coloring book at Bubby's house as well. I saw lots of picture takers out in the bluebonnets last weekend & I was jelous. Apr 7th 2005 06:26:09 PM