Picture of the Day for 04-07-2006
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What you are seeing here is the line-up of the champion team from the Austin over 30 div A post-season tournament. Long live these victorious victors.
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kimberly you should wear black socks, like the rest of your team. they look cool. Apr 7th 2006 06:44:05 AM
Great Auntie Di Ok Mom Apr 7th 2006 07:09:05 AM
Admin Yeah, I should probably get some new black socks. I should probably get a new pair of cleats too since the old cleats would make the new socks look silly. Apr 7th 2006 07:16:42 AM
kimberly i should probably get more maternity clothes, since mine are all dirty, laundry boy. Apr 7th 2006 07:50:58 AM
Admin I'll get right on that laundry soon as I get home. We wouldn't want you to be naked or anything. Or maybe some of us want you to be naked... Hmmmm... This not doing laundry thing might have some advantages... Apr 7th 2006 08:07:27 AM
kimberly i think wearing pants is required at my job. Apr 7th 2006 08:21:01 AM
mh so anyway, back to the main event, congrats soccer champs ! Apr 7th 2006 07:34:26 PM
Bubby Lani Another beautiful day on the soccer fields of Austin, Texas! Apr 7th 2006 07:57:32 PM