Picture of the Day for 04-08-2005
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So the Subaru is in the shop and when it wasn't done last Tuesday as promised they scrambled to find me a loaner car. Since Subaru sponsers Lance Armstrong the local dealer gives him and his peeps some cars. This is one of those cars. It had an ashtray full of pennies, a garage door opener, a pack of gum and some kid named Peter's artwork. Since my Subaru is still in the shop, I got locked out of the house so I let Toby play with the Onstar and the upscale radio.
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kimberly "Onstar, how can we help you?" "uh, yeah, i'm locked out of my house." "Gee, that's too bad. If you were locked out of your car, we could do something. You are SOL sir. Bye." Apr 8th 2005 06:47:11 AM
Admin He did actually punch the bright red happy "emergency" call button. On Star, how can I assist you? Apr 8th 2005 03:58:37 PM