Picture of the Day for 05-10-2006
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I finally got rid of the hot tub. It took this many people to move it out. It was pretty rotten underneath wood wise, but still functioning. Now, if I can just interest anyone in a deck of rotting wood. I'll part with it on the cheap.
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chicos tacos when president bush declared in 2003 that the U.S. had learned of "yellow cake" being found in iraq, what he meant to say was that it had been found OUT BACK...under the hot tub. funny how one small gaffe can change history. May 10th 2006 07:29:58 AM
beth why did you get rid of the hot tub? Seems like a good suburban place to sit and relax! May 10th 2006 07:51:20 AM
Admin You have to ask the misses on hot tub removal program. Although, in her defense, it wasn't being used that much and I landed some Franklins for it. May 10th 2006 08:07:17 AM
toby i want a sandbox and swingset. May 10th 2006 08:24:13 AM
momma h i'm all for Toby's goals and I have experience with deck demo, fyi to admin May 10th 2006 05:34:35 PM
kimberly you are hired! May 10th 2006 07:34:37 PM
Admin c'mon on down. I have a sledgehammer awaiting. May 10th 2006 08:21:28 PM