Picture of the Day for 05-11-2004
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The great news is that my camera is found. I'm also not sick anymore. Plus, I have this great picture of a gaggle of bubbies playing maj and oogling over oober cute Toby.
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kimberly bubby lani has got to like this one! May 11th 2004 03:47:26 AM
kimberly btw, toby went to bed at 8pm last night with no fuss and slept to 7am! May 11th 2004 06:06:40 AM
bubbymarg That was a great picture of all. I am so happy that you found your camera Aaron. I am also happy to hear that Toby is slept for the entire night.Love May 11th 2004 01:54:40 PM
rsneed wow!!! toby is getting big. May 11th 2004 01:57:52 PM
scorpio ...and he already knows how to pick up the ladies. May 12th 2004 03:18:18 PM
Bubby Lani Cal titled this picture - 5 cracks & a bam bam. May 13th 2004 08:05:06 AM
JWine How come Bubbies all have the same haircut? May 14th 2004 06:25:27 AM
Admin There's also a secret handshake. I think national geographic is going to do a piece on them. May 14th 2004 08:48:30 PM