Picture of the Day for 05-13-2005
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I went on a field trip yesterday. Here is the picture of the person taking the group photo at the end of the trip. Our bus is also in the background.
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Admin Oh, and for those knowledgable about bowling, last night, I picked up the nixons. May 13th 2005 07:04:42 AM
kimberly trisha and julie were at a bowling alley? how weird! May 13th 2005 02:01:38 PM
Admin who the hell is trisha and julie? I'm assuming their last name is nixon. For those non-bowlers out there, the nixons are the 4,6,7, 10 split. May 13th 2005 02:05:44 PM
Abuelo So it is not Julie and Trisha but Pat and Dick. For those too young or historically challenged, Nixon was the President of the US from 1968 to 1973 when he resigned in disgrace. Pat was his wife and Julie and Trisha his daughters. Pat and "Tricky Dick" were not close so viola, a bowling metaphor was born. May 13th 2005 03:35:16 PM
Admin To correct the bowling metaphor, the 4, 6, 7, 10 bowling pins are two pins on each side of the lane which resemble the two fingers on each hand that Nixon was prone to do whilst proclaiming not to be a crook. May 16th 2005 05:41:57 AM