Picture of the Day for 05-16-2005
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Here is a plate of chicken fried steak and onion rings from my trip to Eagle Lake.
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mh is it audible ?...I mean, the arteries clogging when you eat this stuff May 16th 2005 06:05:44 AM
Kate in England Heart attack on a plate - is that real food?? May 16th 2005 06:23:51 AM
Admin Now come on, There were a garnish lettuce and not one, but TWO orange slices. This is health food. May 16th 2005 07:09:40 AM
beth YUMMY!!! True Southern food! Makes me hungry and not want my typical-low carb gotta lose weight salad crap! May 16th 2005 09:36:42 AM
mh ah but did you eat the orange slices? May 16th 2005 06:54:17 PM
Admin I'm so busted. May 17th 2005 06:28:43 AM