Picture of the Day for 05-16-2006
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The ooober spoiled Tobinator got yet another present from relatives. He can make some super cool fake muffins in his new pretend kitchen. He pronounces it chichen.
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Great bubbymargaret He certainly looks busy and involved with his new chichen. It is so much fun watching them learn and grow. Love May 16th 2006 08:59:07 AM
Admin Plus he has a sense of humor. Things are definitely funny. May 16th 2006 09:21:55 AM
Bubby Lani Can't even think of a comment for yesterday and today, both pictures are sooooo cute. May 16th 2006 11:42:12 AM
Aunt Nancy It's hard to tell from the picture which kid is having the most fun playing with the toys. May 16th 2006 09:52:40 PM
Admin I am not getting to play toys in this picture, I'm in charge of putting bolt U into board C. May 17th 2006 05:52:46 AM