Picture of the Day for 05-17-2004
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Here is Toby in his megasaucer. The items around him do different things and make different noises. He really likes it and you can see the wheels turning in his head when he's in there. The one crazy thing about the megasaucer is the smily face. When one hits it, it plays a tune, but it's eyes flash red like it is possessed or something. Really creepy.
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Bubby lani He looks pretty wedged in there. He must love all the stuff to play with. May 17th 2004 07:47:12 AM
aunty beth I see his bald spot. He looks like Aaron May 17th 2004 10:48:46 AM
scorpio There is nothing wrong with a dude having a bald spot. Besides, chicks dig bald and balding men like Michael Jordan, Jeremy Wine, Captain Pickard, and... uh... and... Captain Stubbing... and........ Gallagher... and........BALD RULES!!!!! May 18th 2004 02:27:01 PM