Picture of the Day for 05-18-2007
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Just need to point out that Toby and Griffin will be my lone shot at any sort of linage. I guess you could say, I'm vas indeferens.
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dana & jennifer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO May 18th 2007 06:32:54 AM
Rob Not something I want to think about on a Friday and I have the afternoon off. You may have just tainted the rest of my day... May 18th 2007 07:32:33 AM
beth get frozen peas...and don't watch porn...that makes it hurt! May 18th 2007 09:52:34 AM
Admin Beth, why was Glenn watching porn? That's just disturbing in a Dr. Phil sort of a way. May 21st 2007 02:51:20 PM
beth He went to a bach party that same weekend...go figure that they watched porn May 22nd 2007 10:49:58 AM