Picture of the Day for 05-20-2004
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So yesterday I was finishing up this project, when I didn't see that these two check boxes were checked when I imported the last queries I needed to my nearly finished project. The two check boxes overwrote all the tables I had been working on for the past day and a half. I'm still in a good mood as I bowled good last night and I have this to come home to. (although last night he had some stomach issues.)
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Peaches Great Picture! May 20th 2004 07:59:41 AM
Aunty Beth He is so cute! Look how happy he is. I bet he is thinking "hmmm...when am I going to get a baby brother so I can pee on him?" May 20th 2004 11:41:11 AM
bubbymarg Wow! what a smile, something or someone made him really happy. May 20th 2004 12:49:17 PM
kimberly he just loves to be naked. seriously. and he is generally a very happy kid. we are sooooo lucky! and he is lucky to have all these friends checking in on him here. thanks! May 20th 2004 01:00:38 PM
Admin Is anyone else a little bit weirded out by the pooh and eeyore on the front of the gibblies? May 21st 2004 04:02:27 AM