Picture of the Day for 05-20-2005
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Here is a nice picture of me. Sometimes I wonder if Toby knows that when he stays up for 3 hours in the middle of the night throwing a tantrum, that he gets to take a nap in the day and we don't.
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England kate Control yourselves, ladies! May 20th 2005 09:13:46 AM
aunty beth Of course he knows...it is their evil baby plan. May 20th 2005 12:50:03 PM
gpa eesh Sounds like a serious case of "nap envy" to me. May 20th 2005 04:39:50 PM
Gr. Bubbymarg Since did Toby start having tantrums??? May 22nd 2005 01:07:47 PM
Admin He's starting to learn that you can't have your way every time. No Veruca Salts here. May 22nd 2005 09:02:46 PM