Picture of the Day for 05-21-2003
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Okay, both mothers have been notified so the breaking news is official. Kimberly and I are going to be parents and this is when mom finds out she is going to be a bubby.
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JWine Goooooooooooooooooo Sperm! May 21st 2003 10:38:37 AM
cattraweek Whooop! Sweet daddy Aaron and Mamma Kim. Congratulations to you both...it'll be great to have kids the same age! May 21st 2003 10:45:08 AM
AUNTIE DI CONGATULATION. I'm so excited I'm going to be a great auntie. May 21st 2003 11:02:59 AM
Melissa@Johnson-Peach.com That's great news! Congratulations to you both. May 21st 2003 03:26:01 PM
JWine So, let's talk names. Something along the "Superdog and Maggie" realm? May 21st 2003 04:15:41 PM
Admin I've already been veto on the following: LeBatman, Aaron Jr., Erin Jr., Scooby, Butterbean and Rock. May 21st 2003 04:51:16 PM
crawfish mama God help us. Maybe this is the messiah that the world has been waiting for. Can I take him for his first mexican martini? May 22nd 2003 11:49:53 AM
JWine How about Gorlock Wine? Or Skeletor? Something where if he grows up to be a bad guy, it's not so bad. May 22nd 2003 03:22:02 PM
bry manischewitz for a boy (you can call him manny) and rice for a girl. although, table is a good unisex name. May 23rd 2003 01:54:27 PM
Slowhand Edmonson does having a kid mean the Air-on Wine All Star Band won't be heading out for our planned 6 month worldwide road tour this fall? I recommend you name the kid Elroy, Orangello, or Kaisa. But what do i know. May 23rd 2003 02:48:14 PM
Admin All these names are good suggestions. Unfortuneately, I have to get Kimberly drugged up pretty good when she is having this baby so I can sneak in a good name. This naming thing was easier when I got Superdog. May 29th 2003 03:03:56 AM
Nathan You did say you were put on this earth to breed. Let's hope Kimberleys genes are strong enough to water down those crazy Wine genes. One Aaron Wine in the world is about as much as I can handle. I still don't see what's wrong with Batman though, my little boys Wolverine and Batman has no problems at school whatsoever. How about Mutley or Engleburt or Elvis. If it's boy you called call it something else but I'm fresh out of ideas! If all else fails name it after your favourite English travelling buddy........ ME! Although Me is a funny name. Do I win the prize for the longest comment? May 29th 2003 10:53:21 AM
dak scary!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 4th 2003 05:44:20 PM