Picture of the Day for 05-02-2005
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Cameron hadn't seen Toby in quite some time. Here he is getting re-aquainted while Eddie takes a picture and Kimberly looks approvingly on.
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Great Auntie Di Is that a beer belly starting on Mr. T? Kim you look great! May 2nd 2005 07:09:11 AM
Great Auntie Di Do your guests wear name tags? May 2nd 2005 08:40:33 AM
beth Kim has a head! Wow! May 2nd 2005 09:49:25 AM
kimberly this photo was from cameron's rehearsal dinner, where the guests had nametags. aaron put up a pod yesterday (accidentally), so be sure to go back and check it out for more rehearsal dinner fun. May 2nd 2005 02:03:03 PM
Bubby Lani Congrats Cameron May 3rd 2005 05:04:31 PM
Cam Thanks Bubby Lani (that is incidentally the first time I have ever used the Bubby) May 11th 2005 01:29:20 PM
Cam there is supposed to be the word "word" between "the" and "Bubby" May 11th 2005 01:30:21 PM