Picture of the Day for 05-02-2007
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Yep, it was my turn to feed the Griffin. He really likes prunes. Although, I'm not sure how much actually got in his mouth.
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dana i've refrained from commenting thus far for fear of appearing a stalker. but to hell with it, i am one. this kind of beauty is just impossible. we'll babysit anytime... May 2nd 2007 12:51:13 PM
Abuelo His enjoyment of food is an inherited trait. May 2nd 2007 05:02:21 PM
Bubby Lani I started laughing at 3:00 and I'm still laughing. So is everyone else in my office. May 2nd 2007 07:12:08 PM
Nana Check out Oct 21, 2004 Toby likes food but does Griff enjoy food-face more? May 2nd 2007 08:06:51 PM
kimberly i think you mean oct 19. but eddie really likes to eat too. May 2nd 2007 09:13:03 PM