Picture of the Day for 05-22-2007
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We went down to the pecan street art fair thingy with the whole fam and we came across this rather pathetic pony ride / petting zoo that completely fouled up the surrounding air with pony poop smell. What's more is that they wanted something like five bucks for a kid to ride in a circle for a couple of minutes. Luckily Bubby saved the day and splurged for a pony ride. I wasn't going to pay nothing until I saw those ponies work cards.
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Great Auntie Di Now your going to have to get a pony, he looks like a natural. May 22nd 2007 06:58:29 AM
Cousin Marcia Bubbies alway's save the day. Especially for the the grandchildren. Toby you are a natural rider May 22nd 2007 08:30:02 AM
amera this reminds me of childhood. he is adorable. it's enough to make me almost wants kids. almost.... May 22nd 2007 01:18:35 PM
Nathan Funny how you didn't want to ride the pony Aaron. Were you feeling slightly tender? May 28th 2007 04:12:45 AM
Admin This was taken before my "procedure". Besides, I think they had a weight limit. May 29th 2007 07:28:51 AM