Picture of the Day for 05-23-2006
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I've got this new project I'm going to do this week on the POD. I've decided to start eating better. A lot better. Which is going to be very hard for me to do since basically I love food. I love fried food and I love free food. This week, I'm going to say good bye to bad eating habits, by going to a few of my old standards and trying a few new things I have gotten around to eating yet. Today, I'm trying KFC's new mashed potato bowl. Their advertising proclaims it to be new and famous, but then how do you get to be new and famous at the same time? Sounds like a bunch of hokey to me, but I digress. The real reason I'm eating this bowl is because I invented this dish many moons ago. The bowl has mashed potatos and gravy with buttered corn on top of that and chicken nuggets on top of that, followed by some cheese and then more gravy. It was pretty good, but I make a better mix.
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momma h KFC and Eating Better. This does not compute. May 23rd 2006 05:33:44 AM
Colonel Sanders It does compute if "better" does not equal healthier. May 23rd 2006 07:05:33 AM
Admin Sorry. I need to clarify. This is a farewell tour. May 23rd 2006 07:14:08 AM
chicos tacos mmmm....i think a mangia? stuffed pizza is calling your name May 23rd 2006 12:19:00 PM
kimberly mangia is healthy. whole wheat crust, spinach... May 23rd 2006 02:56:26 PM
Bubby Lani I never got to try this dish. Too bad. May 23rd 2006 05:27:40 PM