Picture of the Day for 05-23-2007
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Someone got their first taste of ice cream and was a little bit peeved that he wasn't getting as much as he wanted.
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Bubby Lani I want more! I want more! Now! May 23rd 2007 06:51:20 AM
kimberly brain freeze! May 23rd 2007 07:26:54 AM
Admin I left the red eyes in as I thought that it totally added to the photo. May 23rd 2007 08:57:29 AM
Nana Griff, your mom had ice cream at about half your age courtesy of her Grandma amd her Aunt Nancy. So you may want to remember those names when you get to iowa. May 23rd 2007 07:42:04 PM
Aunt Nancy Maybe the Griff will follow in his mom's footsteps and have a high school job serving up ice cream. When we gave Kim ice cream it was really vocational training. May 23rd 2007 07:53:55 PM
kimberly mmmm....training.... May 23rd 2007 08:18:02 PM