Picture of the Day for 05-24-2004
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Here is Toby's first taste of something other than boob milk and medicine. I think he was indifferent.
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Aunty beth I think he is looking at the boob and thinking "ummmm--boob milk." May 24th 2004 09:33:00 AM
Uncle Glenn Right now I could use some boob milk.... Auntie Beth? Busy? Interested? May 24th 2004 11:36:45 AM
Admin Geesh, my site is slowly becoming a hookup site for the Reinhardts. May 24th 2004 12:59:14 PM
Boob Man The life long obsession with boobs begins early and is now clearly understood. May 24th 2004 02:13:58 PM
mh maybe he doesn't like this hichair stuff. or maybe thought he was going for a ride, since he's strapped in a la car seat. May 24th 2004 04:56:11 PM
kimberly or maybe he was in the beginning stages of a stomach virus that would keep us up all night? May 24th 2004 05:29:41 PM
Admin Boob man hit it right on. Since I wasn't boob fed, I look the same way at a buffet now. May 24th 2004 07:37:32 PM
Dr. G Lani, you didn't nurse Aaron? He sure missed out. Well Kim, it is now your responsibility. Don't you want the best for young Aaron? Don't you want him to grow big and strong? These are the important years... the wonder years. Don't deprive him of those necessary nutrients. Feed the boy. May 25th 2004 09:08:06 AM