Picture of the Day for 05-24-2005
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Here is a nice picture of the Tobinator and half of Superdog. Also, on an update on our house for sale saga; the third offer on our house has legs and a price has been agreed to. The inspection is Thursday and the probable close date is June 15th. This may be the final countdown to my life at Water Well lane. Let's all start to think of the fond memories of this place.
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Great Auntie Di What rosy cheeks. Kim, I will alway's pencil your address in my address book. Keep on moving. May 24th 2005 07:23:23 AM
beth What lucky part of Austin will have you? Or are you moving in with Bubi Lani? May 24th 2005 07:38:20 AM
Nathan I have a new job and will be moving soon. Maybe we could pool our resources and buy a big happy house and all live in a co-operative nirvana in merry old Engerland. May 24th 2005 08:53:30 AM
kimberly that sounds like a great idea! can we bring toby's grandparents too? May 24th 2005 12:00:36 PM
Admin That sounds cool. I would take the subway from Engerland to Austin each morning. May 24th 2005 03:40:13 PM
Bubby Lani Toby looks happy, but Superdog certainly does not. And no, you can't move to England. May 24th 2005 05:26:00 PM
gr.bubbymargaret That is a great picture of Toby. Congratulations on the offer for the house I hope it goes through and you will or have what you need and want. Love, May 24th 2005 08:54:10 PM
Nathan You can bring as many grand parents as you like as long as they are trustworthy baby sitters and not the evil kind who lock little children in the cellar and feed them gruel and worms. May 25th 2005 10:25:19 AM
Admin I'll only bring my parents if you are still in Aylesbury. What's funny now is that someone is going to do a search on Aylesbury and come up with this page. Oh the laughs. May 25th 2005 11:35:59 AM
e oh no... all the fond memories of living there, no longer to be visited in person anymore. :( i'm crying. May 26th 2005 11:47:01 AM