Picture of the Day for 05-25-2005
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It's an end to another bowling season and there was causes to celibrate and be sad. We snuck into the rolloffs in the play in game and finished something like 8th overall. Sadly, our nemisis over the last 9 years, Chaos Inc., is moving to another bowling alley in pure fear of having to roll against us. You can see the fear on Steve (far right), Shelia (next to Steve), Robert (seated) and Russell (half a nose). The guy in green, I have no idea who he is, but he drinks beer so he can't be all that bad, unless that's a zima in his hand.
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Nathan Is that a pair of Texas style bowling shoes on the wall? No wonder you've never bowled the perfect game. May 25th 2005 10:26:45 AM
Bubby Lani Good catch on the bowling shoes Nathan! May 25th 2005 06:51:03 PM
Stef Hey..what's wrong with Zima? May 29th 2005 07:09:30 PM