Picture of the Day for 05-25-2006
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I almost chose a pizza buffet today, but at the last minute remembered that I needed to eat some wings one more time. Here is a picture of me eating 25 wings at my favorite wing joint. In the future, a few little chickens will retain their wings as I won't be eating these any time soon. Good bye wings.
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Lisa Jo Are you mad at them? May 25th 2006 06:59:05 AM
Admin Yes, I'm mad at them. I'm mad that they are so tasty, but yet, so bad for you. Why can't celery taste like chicken wings? May 25th 2006 07:35:13 AM
Lisa Jo Another upside is not having your fingers dyed red... May 25th 2006 02:16:04 PM
kimberly and your chin, your cheeks, the spots on your shirt...aaron is a sloppy eater. May 25th 2006 02:57:01 PM
Bubby Lani I am soooo sorry, Kim. May 25th 2006 03:15:50 PM