Picture of the Day for 05-30-2007
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Score one for family Wine. As some of you know, we've been waiting near three years to see if we can get a place in the new subdivision where the old airport in Austin was. We found out yesterday morning that for the six lots for the builder we picked, our lotto number was two. This means one day somewhere on this dirt, we will live one day soon. Yippee!
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Bubby Lani So exciting, can't wait for the move. You have a view of the capital right now. Awsome! Love all your trees. May 30th 2007 07:17:23 AM
Uncle Jeremy That's some dirt. May 30th 2007 09:13:02 AM
Marty Roads?! Were we're going we won't need roads. May 30th 2007 09:36:43 AM
Great Auntie Di That would be a great garden. May 30th 2007 11:18:10 AM
a hippie fan Welcome to SUBURBIA!!!!! Mini-Van..New House...what's next...clothes from Abercrombie???? May 30th 2007 06:41:53 PM
Admin I don't think hippie fan understands what this new house is going to be. By living in Mueller, we will be able to go down to one car as we will be smack dab in the city center. May 30th 2007 07:46:05 PM
kimberly we are currently in suburbia, desperate to get out! what is abercrombie? i shop at goodwill. May 30th 2007 08:20:26 PM
beth Abercrombie is where teens go to buy $30 t-shirts that look like they came from Good will. Guess what? They opened an "Upscale" salvation army store in front of my neighborhood!! ACK! Glenn is so excited! May 31st 2007 05:58:48 AM
dana and jennifer congrats to the whole wine clan and welcome to the hood! this is awesome. and hey - this is central freakin' austin, man! no suburbs here. top recommendation for moving in dining - tamale house #3 on Airport and 51st. trust me. May 31st 2007 08:38:37 AM
Admin An upscale salvation army? How cool is that? May 31st 2007 01:11:29 PM
Nathan I'm not really sure what's going on, does this mean you will be moving? When is one day? Jun 13th 2007 03:39:04 PM
Admin One day is supposedly anytime from the end of the year to next April, depending on how fast they can build our new house. Jun 13th 2007 07:48:35 PM