Picture of the Day for 05-31-2005
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Sorry about missing memorial day yesterday. We are busy packing and stuff. Here is a picture of little mister onary who's not getting his way. See, it's all not fun and games. Darn near close though.
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Kate in England Bless him! We are also getting to know that type of face at the moment, although Zac prefers the 'fling on yourself on the floor and howl' technique!! (this must be executed with REAL tears) May 31st 2005 07:28:17 AM
kimberly my favorite part of this pic is that aaron put toby's shirt on backwards that day. May 31st 2005 09:35:10 AM
Admin maybe that's what he is crying about. Kate, do you experience the, "I'll bend my back so you can't put me in the car seat" ordeal? May 31st 2005 09:36:45 AM
aunty beth you new parents crack me up....throwing a small tantrum is such a small thing...wait until they are 14 years old, asking for a cell phone, a car and freedom to go out with whomever they choose. I miss those childish tantrums...oh wait I am still married to Glenn. May 31st 2005 10:45:28 AM
Aunt Nancy What a face! Hang in there you two. So much better to find out you can't always get your own way at this age then when they get to some mean old teacher's fourth grade classroom. May 31st 2005 05:57:50 PM
kimberly oh come on aunt nancy, isn't that what they pay us teachers for? May 31st 2005 06:54:31 PM
bubbymarg Hi: Well he is finding out about the world, it is not all fun and games. Jun 2nd 2005 11:45:48 AM