Picture of the Day for 05-05-2004
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I'm going to stop posting oober cute Toby pictures if I get more goose-egg days like yesterday's photo.
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JWine I was just ooohing and aaahing in my own silent way. May 5th 2004 05:45:06 AM
Auntie Di You have to keep us Iowan's happy. PLEASE don't stop. May 5th 2004 09:02:14 AM
aunty beth i tried...but kept getting error messages.....i think it is the sasser worm May 5th 2004 11:04:20 AM
Secret Admirer Ahh... Tobinator is the cutest. May 5th 2004 11:44:43 AM
Admin Okay. I'll believe the error thing. There were some issues that were rectified (hehe, I said rectified..)yesterday. This is a pretty good shot of the Tobinator. May 5th 2004 12:16:27 PM
bubbymarg Who is he looking at with such admiration? May 5th 2004 12:46:31 PM
Admin The ceiling fan. It's got a light and it moves. AWESOME!!!! May 5th 2004 01:27:51 PM
mh ditto what JWine said May 6th 2004 04:20:15 AM