Picture of the Day for 05-05-2005
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Yes, that's pizza sauce on his forehead, his mouth, his chin, his belly, his hands, his shoulder, his ears, his elbows and his ARMPITS. I think it's safe to say, he likes pizza.
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mh I know the risk I'm taking a risk here and still I have to say it: Could Toby in this POD LOOK any more like the other person in the POD ? May 5th 2005 06:23:52 PM
kimberly seriously. poor kid. the straight, straight hair! May 5th 2005 10:05:56 PM
Nathan straight straight hair is better than Aarons hair..... what's left of it. May 9th 2005 10:32:05 AM
Admin Oh, I saw your picture, you don't have long my overseas compadre May 11th 2005 05:59:32 AM