Picture of the Day for 05-06-2004
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Jacob's lego creation is cooler than what I'm working on.
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mh Jacob is ready for Lego hall of fame May 6th 2004 04:22:15 AM
Aunty Beth Oh look at my boy...so smart....so creative. Aaron can learn so much from him. :-) We had a great time that day. May 6th 2004 05:45:39 AM
kimberly so did we. don't forget to get glenn some legos for fathers day. May 6th 2004 06:48:35 AM
Auntie Di I think it's the beverage that is messing you up. May 6th 2004 08:42:59 AM
Admin yeah, my beverage didn't have the little pips that can connect to legos, so none of my pieces fit on my beervage. What a cool idea that would be? Lego friendly beer cans. Cool. May 6th 2004 09:27:57 AM
Bubby Lani Gosh, that's a pretty great creation for a kid.(Yours not mine) I'm impressed Beth. May 6th 2004 09:39:34 AM
cam wow, toby has gotten big! May 15th 2004 06:10:29 AM