Picture of the Day for 05-09-2003
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Ryan had this mouse. We made it look like it was interested in where the back up tapes were kept in the server room. I think I will call his mouse, Harvey, because Harvey is a good name for a mouse.
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Ryan Geeez Louis, the office is full of them! It's either a mouse or a track ball. Take your pick. Sep 30th 2003 05:49:47 PM
Mrs. DeBacker Her name was Silky, we had to take her back cause she ws mean!! May 9th 2003 08:58:53 AM
Ryan Awwww... I love my mieces to pieces. May 9th 2003 09:03:06 AM
louis what is that thing doing in my office? May 24th 2003 10:10:53 AM