Picture of the Day for 05-09-2006
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I think frogs are very cute despite being slimy, green and warty. This picture of a frog was from a visit not too long ago. I think as a kid I saw more frogs than I do now. It must be because they are hiding out with the trolls and I don't go under bridges anymore.
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Rob Having raised frogs and toads in the window well as a kid, I have to say the critter in your picture looks more like a toad than a frog. May 9th 2006 06:51:16 AM
kimberly i agree with my brother. but at least this toad is still alive. those little ones we put in the window well were usually toast by the next day. May 9th 2006 06:59:31 AM
Bubby Lani Yuk! I hate toads. May 9th 2006 02:22:24 PM
Admin But what about cute, sexy frogs, like this one? Rob - in Texas, this is just a frog, you should see our toads. May 9th 2006 02:27:28 PM
kimberly no sweetie, that is a toad. bumpy warty toad. frogs are smooth. size is not the issue. May 9th 2006 02:41:31 PM
momma h Admin, you are correct about seeing more frogs when you were a kid. Climate changes have been very hard on frogs. May 9th 2006 04:50:18 PM
Admin I really think it's the trolls and not the climate. I mean, those trolls have some potent elixers and you know how frogs like to party like it's 1999. May 9th 2006 09:45:41 PM