Picture of the Day for 06-10-2005
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There are FIVE days left in water well land. Here is the back of the new digs. Since there is a hot tub there, please feel free to bring your thong when you come over for a visit. And please, only tasteful thongs.
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kimberly tasteful thong? that's an oxymoron. and we have to get the hot tub repaired first. Jun 10th 2005 06:21:33 AM
eddie i'll have to find one that tastes like yum. we like yum. Jun 10th 2005 07:24:57 AM
Admin Oooooh, flavored thongs.... Now, there's an idea to sell to the college masses. Jun 10th 2005 08:02:19 AM
kimberly keep going in this direction, and i'm going to sell the hot tub! Jun 10th 2005 10:39:10 AM
Great Auntie Di Better put a fence up. Jun 10th 2005 02:26:22 PM
bubbymarg Wow! What a mansion Jun 12th 2005 04:38:49 PM
Nathan (UK) Is that a BBQ I see next to the Hot Tub. You can flick Hot Dogs into the Hot Tub. Perhaps you meant for every one to bring their 'Tongs' over to help with the flipping of burgers etc...... and for your information I have a very tasteful Gold Snake Skin Thong for the Hot Tub and a nice shiny Tong, Spatula and Ladle for the BBQ Jun 14th 2005 08:14:32 AM