Picture of the Day for 06-12-2006
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Nana came into town and brought Toby a new pop shade tent. Toby really likes it. Also, I'm going to take a three hour lunch to watch world cup soccer. You should too.
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beth Isnt it interesting that a man can take time off from work to watch world cup soccer (or football or basketball or go hunting) yet they can't take off work to go on a field trip with their kids? Jun 12th 2006 01:28:49 PM
UnkJ When they invent a World Cup of Field Trips, then we might understand what the heck you are talking about. Jun 12th 2006 02:28:59 PM
Admin I've never met a field trip I didn't take. You must not lump all of us with your problem. As for the soccer game, I'm so depressed right now. We just got beat down and I don't see us rebounding against Italy. Seems like I will have to wait another four years for competitive US world cup soccer. Jun 12th 2006 03:03:54 PM
UnkJ Disconsolate over here. I will not be consoled. Jun 12th 2006 05:13:28 PM
bubbymarg Hi: It makes my day to see him, I wait the the newest one each day. Love Jun 15th 2006 01:06:31 PM