Picture of the Day for 06-15-2004
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Here is a good picture of ooober Toby getting held for the first time by Great Grandpa Hansen. Also there is a random hand in there, which I think belongs to Kimberly, but will refer to the hand now as 'it'. 'it' seems to be a camera hog.
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Abuelo's Co-Workers We want to see the baby...BRING HIM IN! We have a contest "going on" to guess Toby's weight at 12 months! Jun 15th 2004 08:50:47 AM
kimberly that could be arranged. Jun 15th 2004 08:59:24 AM
Glenn I am going to guess 30 pounds. Jun 15th 2004 03:34:01 PM
mh Rumor is that GGPaHansen made a tic/toc sound which Toby oober-enjoyed Jun 15th 2004 04:22:09 PM
kimberly i'm going to guess 22 lbs. whatever he weighs, my arms are getting muscular! Jun 16th 2004 07:18:54 AM