Picture of the Day for 06-15-2005
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Today is the day I'm closing on my house on water well, so I leave you with this communal bath picture of Olivia and Toby. Don't worry, it was completely supervised. Next week, I'll have a salute to the house on water well.
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Nathan(UK) Communal Baths, Hot Tub Thongs, where will it all end? Jun 15th 2005 06:15:45 AM
cat Same place it got all of us....kids Jun 15th 2005 06:37:51 AM
Admin There's a lot of debauchery going on here in the states. People are so pent up with this conservative movement that it's all going to boil over someday soon and it will be just the like the free loving 60's. Right now, it's starting with our kids. Rock and roll will never die!!! Jun 15th 2005 07:37:33 AM