Picture of the Day for 06-16-2004
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I went to training last week in Vegas and stayed at a really nice hotel about 10 miles off the strip. The room had one of those jaccuzzi tubs and free bubble bath. Here is me relaxing after enjoying a full day of computer geek training.
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Aunty Beth Who took the picture? HMMMM? Jun 16th 2004 09:29:00 AM
Admin Autotimer. I'm just glad I had time to jump in the tub before the photo snapped. That picture probably wouldn't of made it on there. Jun 16th 2004 10:31:42 AM
mh there are about as many vegas metaphors for this picture as bubbles .... Jun 16th 2004 07:06:36 PM
bubbymarg The bubbles look comfortable, but I was looking for toby. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Bubby Jun 16th 2004 09:38:33 PM
Bubby Lani This is too much! Jun 17th 2004 02:11:30 PM
Peaches Who's behind the lump of bubbles on the right? Jun 19th 2004 09:26:39 PM
Nathan The lump of bubble is a negatively reality inversion of the bubbly lump on the left Jun 22nd 2004 01:36:07 PM