Picture of the Day for 06-16-2005
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Since the fishtank is up high and the two toddlers wanted to see the at home zoo that we've made, I had to be a mini elevator. Excitement!!
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Admin By the way, we have officially closed on our house. Water well is no more. Jun 16th 2005 07:31:45 AM
eddie sad days... bright new beginings, and happy memories from water well Jun 16th 2005 04:05:06 PM
kimberly eddie, you are welcome to visit Loweswater and make some new memories with us! i know they won't be as seedy, but fun can still be had. Jun 16th 2005 04:12:42 PM
bubbymarg Daddy, son and friend look great. love Jun 16th 2005 10:12:20 PM
Nathan (UK) Lots of fun, they have a hot tub and BBQ! I'm booking flights as soon as I am rich enough to mingle with the new high faluting Wine Clan Jun 17th 2005 05:17:21 AM