Picture of the Day for 06-19-2006
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What a great week I had. Vacation, World Cup Soccer, a visit from Nana, and Father's day. Here is my surprise father's day cake. Toby couldn't keep the surprise a secret very long. I mean it's cake, c'mon.
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kimberly toby's card on the left is of a sailboat, btw. he saw them at the ocean. Jun 19th 2006 06:43:23 AM
Unk J Man, that's a good week. Jun 19th 2006 07:10:47 AM
Lisa Jo It's all right there in those smiles! Love to you all. Jun 19th 2006 09:14:52 AM
Nana Lisa Jo, I think it's your turn to visit the Wines. Jun 19th 2006 05:57:27 PM
Lisa Jo Big smiles AND cake? I'm there! Jun 20th 2006 09:23:01 AM
Admin If Lisa Jo visits, then there will be cake everyday, guaranteed. Jun 20th 2006 10:39:43 AM