Picture of the Day for 06-20-2005
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Here we say goodbye to my house on water well. I hope the new owners treat her well. It was very sad turning off all the lights as I last locked up. I went to the closing without a house key because I never owned one.
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Muscle A As the first roomate at Waterwell, I would like to say that I'm going to miss the old house, but I'm sure the neighbors don't miss me and my excess recycling. Cheers. Jun 19th 2005 11:30:06 PM
Nathan 'Pep Talk' Still (UK) OK OK OK OK! You've moved house, stop dwelling on the fact and getting all depressed. This whole move is a joyous and momentous occasion with a bright future, more babies, more parties, more love and more hot tubbing is to be had. Happy memories, of which you have many, are to be celebrated and remembered with a smile and laughter, you've had a great time and it was the place your family was started. Pull yourself together man, rejoice and be merry fantastic times are ahead! Jun 20th 2005 07:41:33 AM
Admin Sorry. This is a week long retrospect on the water well living. This is important to the POD as this was the birthplace of the POD. Historians will look back at the place as the big bang of blogging and then the current owners will put this house up on ebay. Jun 20th 2005 10:41:18 AM
eddie. hey, what about the key that you used to keep around your neck on the green yarn?! Jun 20th 2005 01:38:38 PM
Bubby Lani That was his pasifier, Eddie, not his key. Jun 20th 2005 04:56:22 PM