Picture of the Day for 06-21-2004
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Yesterday was my first Father's day where I got to get gifts. I got some really cool shirts. I also made up a rule that since it was father's day, I could wear what ever I wanted to, so I wore a crown, a cape and some goggles. Here I am changing the Tobinator wearing my new father's day look. I also have on one of my new shirts.
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JWine Hooray for Green! Hooray for Dads! Jun 21st 2004 03:02:21 PM
Barn Shirt looks a little small you might need to upsize your wardrobe or...drink less beer...not!! Jun 21st 2004 03:20:33 PM
mh You deserved a Super-Dad Day ! Jun 21st 2004 04:43:07 PM
kimberly maybe the smallish shirt was a subtle hint? or maybe his wife doesn't have a clue? Jun 21st 2004 06:39:44 PM
JWine He's married and has a kid. Now he gets to let it all go. That's the deal. Jun 22nd 2004 07:07:57 AM