Picture of the Day for 06-22-2005
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The breakfast nook was rarely eaten at until the Tobinator showed up. One time, we put a workout machine there. I got buff.
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Nathan (UK) Now there are two words you rarely associate with each other, Aaron and Buff! Jun 22nd 2005 05:54:30 AM
JWine in the buff I dunno...what about Aaron in the buff? Jun 22nd 2005 07:04:19 AM
Great Auntie Di He wanted to show off his buff self at the ballgame last night, but Kim wouldn't let him. Jun 22nd 2005 08:07:29 AM
eddie aaron and cam got HUGE together.... a few lifts and straight to tbags? they were HOT! Jun 22nd 2005 02:10:26 PM
Cam If I remember correctly, that machine was used a grand total of about 1/2 of one time. Too close to the kitchen and the blueberries... Jun 28th 2005 02:36:42 AM