Picture of the Day for 06-23-2006
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One of the first things Toby did was draw a T in the sand. This was unprompted by the way. He's smart.
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Rob next you should take Toby to newly poured cement so that he can immortalize himself in someone's sidewalk or driveway. Jun 23rd 2006 06:53:30 AM
Great Auntie Di Like you use to do Rob. hehe Jun 23rd 2006 07:29:30 AM
UnkJ Why would Rob draw a "T"? Jun 23rd 2006 08:55:15 AM
Admin Actually the T is silent. Trob's parents couldn't spell very well. Jun 23rd 2006 10:02:18 AM
Abuelo Maybe he started at the end and spelled forward. T-R-E-B-O-R. Jun 23rd 2006 03:35:14 PM
bubbymarg It looks as if he is beginning to recognise his name. Wow, what a a great kid. Jun 23rd 2006 04:21:23 PM
kimberly T is for triathalon. go Rob go! Jun 23rd 2006 08:03:35 PM