Picture of the Day for 06-24-2003
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This is a picture of Kimberly looking over the Dallas skyline from Beth's wedding. This is weird in the fact that I'm going up to Dallas today for an interview. Maybe she is contemplating a move up there?
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San Antonio Don't do it! Life is too short to live in Dallas. Jun 24th 2003 12:33:09 PM
Dallas What does San Antonio know? They are just toilet flush from being in the Gulf of Mexico. Jun 24th 2003 02:52:37 PM
Ryan Why would you want to leave an overrated, over populated, polluted, over priced, under paid, traffic congested hell hole with no jobs such as Austin... ? I don't understand. Jun 24th 2003 03:45:03 PM
Admin Now, Now, this is isn't a whose city is the best. We all have good cities and where ever I end up will be the better because I moved there. Jun 25th 2003 07:33:12 AM
San Antonio In that case, Odessa could use some help in the popularity polls. Maybe you should move there. Jun 26th 2003 09:30:15 PM