Picture of the Day for 06-25-2003
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I finally got my camera cord to download my bowling trip. Here is the scoreboard at the team event. This is the game I bowled a 230. The final score picture came out blurry, but I can dispell the non-believers.
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JWine So who won? Jun 25th 2003 01:11:46 PM
Admin We won't know for another month, but a couple of us are maybe in the money for some events. Jun 26th 2003 06:44:26 AM
JWine That's so cool. Jun 26th 2003 12:08:01 PM
Winger 4-ever You mean there's money to be made in drinking beer and eating nachos in a smokey bowling alley? Plus the juke box still plays Kip Winger! Why aren't I rich? Are you ready to go pro? Jun 26th 2003 09:35:47 PM