Picture of the Day for 06-26-2003
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This guy was in charge of making sure bowling balls were not illegal for the Nationals tournament. He showed us a ball that somebody tried to cheat with, but got caught. My ball was completely legal.
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Bob Armstrong. There is no way this guy is checking my balls. Like I always say, Drink, Eat and Legislate. Jun 26th 2003 12:48:35 PM
RyanasaurusWas it uncomfortable to watch some strange old guy manhandle everyone's balls in a public place? Jun 26th 2003 01:57:34 PM
Good Glenn Clean comment: what made the other ball illegal - a motor? twice the diameter? steroids? was it corked? Jun 26th 2003 09:25:03 PM
Evil Glenn Dirty comment: I bet that's the first time you've ever been able to say your balls were "clean." Jun 26th 2003 09:26:15 PM
kimberly i'd say by the look on this guy's face, he's heard all these lame jokes before. Jun 27th 2003 10:43:15 AM