Picture of the Day for 06-28-2004
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I made it back from the national bowling tournament in Reno. Here is a picture of me walking down at the start of the bowling. Sorry it's a little fuzzy, but my guest photographer is quite new to technology. Still a nice photo.
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JWine Whoah, did you get announced and everything? How cool. I love the Ballspankers. I'm thinking of starting a tribute website. Do you have fan materials? Jun 28th 2004 09:13:15 AM
kimberly you can have his two bowling trophies that he bought at goodwill, and his old dusty bowling shoes, and two bowling pins. i'll paint ballspankers on any of these items, if it will get them out of the house. what a packrat!! Jun 28th 2004 09:16:30 AM
Bubby Lani Kimberly is doing a good job cleaning up Aaronland. Jeremy, you should help her out. Jun 28th 2004 12:11:20 PM
JWine I've got enough "cleaning up" to do, thank you very much. ballspankers.com is available, I think I'm nabbing it for the fan club. In this day and age, ordinary, non-athletes like us need real role models. Jun 28th 2004 01:37:46 PM
mh You're the intimidator, right? Jun 28th 2004 08:29:31 PM